On a warm Sydney evening in the bustling CBD, Pablo and Rusty's team transformed our café into a coffee-tasting haven for coffee enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. The occasion? A special public event to showcase some of the rarest and most intriguing coffees from our exclusive Expedition series. We filled the air with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee as 60 attendees embarked on a sensory journey through the diverse world of specialty coffee.

P&R Cupping & Tasting Event

The evening began with a warm welcome from the Pablo & Rusty’s team, who shared their passion for coffee and the inspiration behind the Expedition series. This exclusive collection features unique and exceptional coffees from some of the world's most renowned estates and farms. Designed to educate and excite our wholesale customers, their baristas and coffee lovers alike, the event provided an in-depth look at these extraordinary coffees through various brewing methods.

P&R Team

A multi-sensory coffee experience

Throughout the evening, the guests were treated to a dynamic and interactive cupping and tasting session. They explored the nuanced flavours and aromas of the Expedition series through pour-over filters, espressos, Pourtables (drip bags), and even a creative coffee mocktail.

Filter coffee selections:

  • Elida Estate Natural Geisha: This Panamanian OG was a winner with the tasters with its floral notes and vibrant acidity.

  • Granja Paraiso: Known for its complex flavour profile, this coffee delivered and blew away the tasters.

P&R Team showing how to properly brew coffee


  • El Morito - Washed Guatemala: A classic, clean espresso with a balanced body and bright acidity.

  • Vulcan Azul Honey Processed: A Costa Rican delight with a sweet, honey-like finish.

  • Santa Monica Peach Fermented: This innovative coffee, fermented with peaches, created a unique and creamy experience when paired with fractionally distilled milk. A crowd pleaser.

Pourtables (Drip Bags):

Coffee Pods:

Coffee tasting

The art of coffee brewing

Attendees were not just passive participants; they actively engaged in the art of coffee brewing. Using a Slayer espresso machine, they learned how to optimise a brew recipe, adjusting variables to extract the best flavours from each coffee. The hands-on experience extended to pour-over techniques, where participants refined their brewing skills to achieve the perfect cup.

P&R Team showing the art of coffee brewing

One of the highlights of the evening was the innovative coffee mocktail, which received enthusiastic feedback. This concoction used a coffee concentrate made from Guatemala El Morito, definitely stretching everyone's imagination and showcasing the versatility of coffee in creating refreshing and unexpected flavours.

P&R guests enjoying their mocktail

Do you want to make one at home? Here you go:


30mls Non-Alcoholic Gin

30mls Non Alcoholic vodka

30mls El Morito filter coffee

30ml Monin Raspberry 

30ml Monin Blackcurrant 

30ml Monin Lychee puree


Add at least six ice cubes and all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously—the more flair, the better! Then, pour via a strainer into your chilled Martini or coup glass. Garnish with fresh or tinned lychee.


P&R guests enjoying their mocktail

Community and connection

The event was more than just a tasting; it was a gathering of coffee lovers from diverse backgrounds, including British backpackers, retirees enjoying a night out, and a mothers' group, all united by their passion for exceptional coffee.. It was a fantastic opportunity for industry professionals, baristas, and coffee lovers to connect, share knowledge, and celebrate the art of coffee.

The evening concluded with guests mingling, cocktail glasses in hand, savouring the last sips of the delightful coffee mocktail. The event's success was evident in the smiles and lively conversations, all sparked by a shared love for extraordinary coffee.

Guests mingling enjoying delicious coffee

Looking forward

Pablo & Rusty's Expedition Cupping & Tasting event was a testament to the power of coffee to bring people together and ignite a shared passion. We look forward to more events celebrating innovation, education, and the joy of a perfect cup as we continue to explore and share the world’s finest coffees..

Stay tuned for more events and updates from Pablo & Rusty's. Join us on this exciting journey through the world of specialty coffee, one extraordinary brew at a time.