Hey to all the cafe owners, baristas and managers out there.

Haydon here, I am Coffee Specialist at Pablo & Rusty’s.

I’m here to tell you how and why to use P&R Coffee Concentrate in your cafe. 

First up, what is Coffee Concentrate? Well, I’m glad you asked!

A coffee concentrate is a concentrated filter-brewed coffee that we’ve developed and have now made available in all three of our blends! We have spent a lot of time researching, developing and fine-tuning our concentrate range to make this product what it is today. Leaving no room for errors, ensuring quality, and consistent product in each bottle. 

So how do you use it in my cafe? 

Great question! Here are my top five of ways (there are heaps more) to use coffee concentrate in your cafe.

Coffee concentrate

1. Iced lattes and iced coffees

How? By substituting your espresso shots with Coffee Concentrate (Our Porter Street or Pioneer Blend is perfect for those cold milky coffees). 

Why? We all know that iced lattes can really mess up the rhythm of the barista on the bar, whether it be stepping away from the machine to get ice or find that cold cup. 

It can be really disruptive and time-consuming. 

By using the concentrate, you then have the option of having any team member make it without jeopardising any quality. They just need to follow a recipe. We’ve put together a simple how-to video here.

That’s right, no more scrambling and stressed-out baristas every time they get that iced latte order!

2. Cold Brew

How? Well, this one couldn't be any easier!

Coffee Concentrate (I love our Trailblazer blend for this combo) + chilled filtered water and ice! On our labels, we recommend a ratio of 1 part Coffee Concentrate to 3 parts other liquid, for cold brew, we recommend filtered water. 

Why? Because we’ve done all the hard work for you. 

No more brewing coffee for 12 hours at a time to find out maybe that grind size wasn’t right and it’s bitter or over-extracted. Say goodbye to that awkward moment when you pour your last cup and realise it’ll be 12 hours for that next batch.

cold brew

Trailblazer concentrate

3. Batch Brew - Hot simple, so tasty!

How? This time you’ll need some kind of thermos to keep your brew hot throughout the day. 

We recommend press pots as they are extremely easy to use. 

All you need to do is add hot filtered water to our 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water ratio. Our Trailblazer Blend, with its complex fruit-forward note, is perfect for hot batch brew. 

Why? This is for those cafes that don’t have the luxury of fancy brewing machines or grinders that can grind coffee coarse enough for a filter. This might help you introduce a new style of coffee to the menu (until you can get all the gear).

4. Retail Offerings - take-home deliciousness

How? What about adding a bottle or two to your retail selection? 

Why? We all know people are getting more accustomed to having coffee at home. 

Giving them the option to have specialty coffee at home that’s as simple as pouring from a bottle is truly game-changing. The best part is that all of our Coffee Concentrate is shelf stable, i.e. it doesn't need to be stored in a fridge. 

If you need some more tip on how to make the most of your venue's retail shelve, check out our post “Elevating your retail offerings” here.


5. Signature drinks

How? Well, this is where you can get your safety glasses out, put a lab coat on and do some wild experiments. 

Here are just a few teasers, your imagination is your only limitation. 

-Coffee tonics with a slice of orange 

-Non-alcoholic espresso martinis (unless you're licensed)

-Tiramisu, anyone? Check out our video here 

Why? Let’s face it the café industry is forever growing and evolving, more and more venues are opening. 

Having a point of difference, and offering unique products can really help bring the crowd to you. 

I hope you’ve found these tips useful if you do have any questions about our Coffee Concentrate or if you’d like to offer it on your menu give us a shout out via this form.