On Saturday, 25th February, Richard from P&R's wholesale team will be participating in the Run for the Tarkine ultra-trail marathon. 

Tarkine/Takayna Conservation

The Tarkine/Takayna is a precious and irreplaceable piece of northwest Tasmania, renowned for its cool temperate rainforest, wild beaches, and heathlands. This unique ecosystem is home to several endangered and endemic species, including the giant freshwater crayfish, Tasmanian Devil, and Masked Owl.

The Tarkine/Takayna Rainforest is a truly special place, and it's essential that we do everything we can to protect it for future generations. The funds raised through Richard's run and 20% of P&R's online sales will go towards critical conservation efforts and help ensure the preservation of this precious part of Australia.

Donation Campaign

P&R is proud to support Richard as he tackles the ultra-marathon (running 65km😱 ) to raise awareness and funds to help save the Tarkine/Takayna. From February 2nd to 9th, P&R is donating 20% of all online sales to the Tarkine/Takayna conservation efforts through the Bob Brown Foundation. This is a fantastic opportunity for our customers and community to make a difference without having to lace up their running shoes and instead simply enjoy our delicious blends across all their formats at 10% off!

Join us as we support Richard and the Tarkine/Takayna region by shopping online with P&R from February 2nd to 9th. Let's help make a difference and preserve this remarkable piece of the planet for for generations to come.

Here’s what Richard had to say ahead of his run:

“It’s a 65km race through Takayna and I’ll be running to raise funds and awareness to help save this very special piece of the planet in Northwest Tasmania.

So P&R will be getting behind the run, they’ll be donating funds and supporting my journey. These funds will go directly to helping protect this irreplaceable part of Australia. Importantly we want to raise awareness and help inspire more people to pay attention to the work that must be done to save this very special place. You can follow my journey by the links below."

Click here to shop our blends and support Richard.

Click here to track Richard's race and donate.