Phil, our Head of QA & Brewing here at P&R has reviewed the new Morning machine - the world’s leading specialty coffee pod machine. 

The Morning pod machine is the most technologically advanced and the most customisable machine available. It’s a lot smarter than your espresso machine at home, and definitely a lot smarter with slightly less attitude than your barista…. just kidding! 

What makes The Morning pod machine so advanced?

Digital Display

The machine includes a massive digital display where you can store all your preselected shots and easily adjust the dial to move from side to side between recipes and settings, making it very intuitive to create the coffee you want. 

Extraction Weight Settings and Built in Scales

Uniquely, the user is able to select the extraction weight they want for the pods - this is the weight of the total amount of liquid that ends up in your cup. This gives you a much more accurate level of control for brewing over any other pod machine. This is also how we treat our coffee in commercial espresso machines!

Pressure and Temperature Settings

Pressure and temperature are the 2 main ways coffee machines interact with coffee to create an extraction that will hopefully be delicious. Being able to have some sort of control over these variables is important to maintain consistency in extraction quality. Having this luxury in a pod machine enables us to finally allow the true expression of the coffee to come through. 

Hot Water Spout

Another pretty cool function of the machine is the hot water spout. This is perfect for adding a dash of hot water to your coffee. This way, you don’t actually have to pull more water through the shot to make it longer which essentially just over extracts the coffee creating a more dry and bitter result.  Or you can use it for manipulating temperatures for tea. Some teas are more sensitive than others so having the control of this is vital for getting the most out of your tea leaves.

Grey Morning pod machine on a counter top

Preset Recipes

The best way to utilise these features of the machine is through the application, where you can select preset recipes directly from the roasters depending on the pod you are using. For the P&R pods, we've dialed in each of our blends and other coffees for the perfect extraction and uploaded those recipes to the app. So all you need to do is download the app, press the button on the recipe you want, pop the pod in, grab a cup and enjoy the delicious brew. This way you don’t have to make it over-complicated with all the settings at home. The best thing about this machine is for all the advanced settings at your disposal, you can still make it as simple as any other pod machine to use.

We ran a taste test with the staff at P&R to see how The Morning machine performed against a standard pod machine. Check out the video below: