What do I need to start coffee at home?

You can start without any equipment at all. Our pourtables and concentrate are great for coffee at home, at the office, on the go and when travelling. 

Okay, so you want to start making coffee.

We get it. It’s time to start getting serious about coffee.

The first question is what do you like to drink?

P&R Pourtables

Your coffee preferences

If you like to drink black coffee such as espresso, long black, or filter coffee. Never heard of filter coffee? We suggest that you go to the nearest specialty cafe (hopefully a P&R Partner Cafe) and try some filter coffee out. 

If interested in lattes, flat white, cappuccinos or other classic espresso-based dairy and alternate dairy beverages, then you want to buy an espresso machine.

Starting at the grinder

A grinder is the best place to start. Freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee is the best way to elevate your coffee.

Once ground, the aromatics, flavor and taste of coffee can quickly fade. That is why freshly grinding coffee just before brewing is a must. 

The grinder can be as simple as a hand grinder or something a bit more substantive like the Breville Smart Grinder. 

Breville smart grinder

Filter coffee

Once you have a good grinder, you are ready to make coffee. We are a big fan of the Aeropress. You can also check out a french press or a pourover device such as a V60. The choices are plenty.

If you get really serious about your filter, you can look at a batch brewer such as Moccamaster or Breville Smart Brewer.


Espresso machine

Okay, so you are ready to be a Barista. You want to get an espresso machine. There is one to suit most budgets.

Something like the Breville Dual Boiler is a solid piece of kit. Yet, it requires a bit of space (and money). With a machine like this, you can make coffee for a lot of people easily.

The Barista Express or other integrated machines (where the grinder is built into the machine), are a good option for a smaller footprint. 

Going to the next level

Here are some accessories that take your coffee to the next level.

A scale

Water filter

Puck screen (for espresso machines)

Temperature-controlled kettle (for filter coffee)

And lastly, you want to look great while making coffee. So check out our merch

P&R Coffee

In conclusion

This is only a brief introduction to making coffee at home. The options are as endless as the variations of this tasty beverage. Our advice is to start small, invest in a good grinder, discover what you like and then go from there. You get to choose your adventure.