We're excited to showcase some of the rarest and most interesting coffees from around the world in our Expedition Progam

Our aim is to make these unique coffee’s accessible to everyone, wether you’re  an experienced barista or a budding at home coffee brewer. Our Expedition coffees are carefully selected micro-lot coffees which are packaged in smaller amounts to give you the opportunity to taste these flavours in an affordable way. We also provide brew guides to help you can get the most out of each coffee experience.

Accessible and Sustainable Packs

One of the unique features of Expedition is our approach to packaging. Our coffee bags are recyclable via soft plastic recycling schemes like Curby. The beans are vacuum-sealed inside their packs straight after roasting, ensuring freshness and preventing any loss in quality. Each bag contains 45 grams of beans, the perfect size for enjoying a few amazing coffees without breaking the bank.

Expedition pack by P&R

Frozen After Roasting

Our Expedition program introduces a new approach to storing coffee. We roast our coffees in limited batches, store them frozen at their freshest, and defrost them on their way to you, ensuring the best possible flavour and aroma. We created specific videos for each coffee to take you through it’s unique story, what makes it special, and how we think it tastes best.

When you receive your Expedition series coffee, you can enjoy it straight away or wait up to three weeks to drink it without losing its spark. We've put in countless hours of research to make sure that this program is not only exciting but also accessible and sustainable.

coffee cherry fruit being dried on sun beds

Phil Pollen our Head of Coffee says:

“Our Expedition program is something pretty special. It’s the culmination of so much love and care that starts back at the farms where each coffee is grown and flows all the way through to you! Each coffee is entirely unique and throughly interesting. I’m pretty sure these coffee’s will challange your expectation of how coffee can taste.”    

So, are you ready for an Expedition? Join us on a journey to discover some of the rarest and most delicious coffees on the planet.

Check out our Expedition YouTube series for brewing guides and the stories of the farmers who grew the micro-lots.

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