Hey P&R people, how's it going?

With the weather finally starting to warm up, it’s just about time to start getting ready to head back outside and enjoy the great Australian weather, and what better way than a good old camping trip! 

Now I am sure that we’re all fans of great coffee, be that espresso or filter coffees from a cafe or even homemade as a ritual of love. 

But what are we to do when we venture into the great outdoors for a hike, picnic, weekend camping trip or even a full tour or van-life expedition around Aus? 

I’m here with this blog to provide some information on how to achieve an excellent brew in any conditions, to ensure you can always drink better coffee! 

Canned Coffee - Chill, shake, crack, enjoy!

At P&R we offer a range of canned, ready to drink coffees that are by far the most convenient option on this list. We have both black nitro and oat milk lattes that are sure to satisfy your need for a coffee in a pinch, anytime! 

Whether you’re out in the park for a concert, family picnic, or a camping trip, if you have an esky/cooler with you you can bring enough delicious canned coffee to supply an army, or just keep yourself going ;). 

If you’re out for a hike or a bushwalk, spending a day at the beach or travelling, having some cans ready to crack in your arsenal of coffee can make the day that much more enjoyable! 

Even if you're running late for work, having some on hand in your fridge can save you a stop on the commute to the office, handy little tip.

Black Nitro coffee

Coffee Concentrate - Endless coffee possibilities

Stepping up in adaptability, we have coffee concentrates. Our concentrates are perfect for near instant iced coffees, ready when you are. Whether you are out on the tracks, camping or travelling, the easiest way to have a coffee ready as soon as you are is with the concentrates. Simply mix concentrate with milk or water, hot or cold to your taste and voilà, you're set with a refreshing beverage that easily.  

My personal recommendation comes from my many hours spent on the 4x4 tracks, where you just can’t beat the convenience. 

When pulling up to camp, on a warm summer's morning it’s really simple to open the esky, put some ice in your cup, pour in some concentrate and then top off with milk. From there I just dilute to a familiar colour, and easy, consistent coffees, no scales or hot water required. 

You can also heat and froth the milk if you have the tools on hand, and whip up some flat whites in no time at all. Mix with hot water and have yourself long black while relaxing a distance from home. 

For an extra treat, if you’re camping with a fridge/freezer handy, pour some over your favourite ice cream for a memorable affogato around the campfire. 

Coffee concentrate

Pourtables - Perfect coffee anywhere, just add hot water.

New to the game, we present the P&R Pourtables! 

These are perfect for those cold mornings around the campsite where you don’t want to think too hard before your morning cuppa. The pourtables are as easy as:

  1. Heat some water

  2. Rip open and place the pourtable over your drinking vessel of choice, 

  3. Fill up the pourtable 3x with hot water

  4. Enjoy! 

Great coffee while camping

Hot water can be ready in as little as 2 minutes with a Jetboil system, but if you have any means to heat water, you’ll be able to make yourself a fresh, measured cup of specialty filter coffee anytime, anywhere with the Pourtable. 

Say you were going for a day walk up a mountain and wanted to treat yourself and your fellow hikers to a nice fresh cup of coffee at the top, all you would need is a Pourtable and a cup each, and one of you to carry a thermos of boiled water. Freshly brewed, delicious coffee for all in a couple of minutes, now that would be a great reward at the end of a hard days walking. 

The versatility of the Pourtables extends far beyond the outdoors and camping. Travelling for business and can’t be sure if there are any good spots for coffee around? Throw a couple of Pourtables in your luggage and you can be sure you’ll start your day right with an excellent brew before you even leave your hotel room.

Pods / travel brewers

There are many products that exist to help you brew specialty pods and otherwise fresh coffees in the great outdoors, these include: 

  • P&R Specialty pods + Wacaco handheld machine

  • P&R Beans of your choice (pre-dosed) + Hand grinder (Porlex mini) + an Aeropress

  • Stovetop milk frother or french press for texturing heated milk 

The pods are by far the simplest to prepare on this list, no scale required! Again all you need to find is some hot water, and with a specialty pod you’ve got your espresso-esque beverage in minutes. 

If you also heat some milk, pour that into a french press, raise and depress the plunger a few times, you’ll have some well textured milk ready to pour world-class latte art and impress your friends with what you’ve managed to whip up around the campsite. 

As always, despite the pods being recyclable and commercially compostable, please make sure you take out all of your rubbish, and any that you find when out in the great Australian ecosystem! 

Travel brewers

Going Overboard 

Espresso machine + generator

Now if you want to take it to the next level, something like the below is not for the faint of heart. 

Strapping a generator, 3 group head professional espresso machine, 20L filtered water and a grey water tank to the back of your 4x4 is an option, not sure I can recommend this given the much more reasonable options above :). But if you decide to go all out you're going to need some beans, you can review our blend collection here.

Conclusion - get out there and enjoy speciality coffee anywhere! 

Whatever your favourite brew is, from nitro brews, iced oat milk lattes, filter brews, even flat whites anything is possible to make, even in the most remote of places with the right gear. At P&R we are striving to make better coffee more accessible, and are happy to save you the hassle of finding all of that specialised gear! 

Next time you’re heading out think about grabbing a pack of Pourtables for you and your mates to enjoy simple and delicious hot coffee anywhere! If you’re more into your iced drinks, pop into your local Woolies or order ahead from our online store and stock yourself with enough concentrate to make sure everyone is raring to go Sunday morning, after a few affogatos and espresso martinis on the Saturday night ;).