Decaf coffee, has sometimes come with a stigma that it’s low-quality, an afterthought and that no effort has gone into it. But now we have the coffee that proves us all wrong and we have the opportunity to share with everyone a decaf coffee like no other - you won’t even know you’re drinking a decaffeinated processed coffee! Sign me up

Introducing Decaf Delights

This is where “Decaf Delights” comes in. A program that gives us the platform to share some of the best micro lot coffees without all the pesky caffeine. These are definitely not your everyday run-of-the-mill coffees. They have a story, there are producers and their families behind it, generations of blood, sweat and tears driven by passion for the best coffee experience possible.

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Decaffeination Processes

There are currently a range of different methods to  remove the caffeine from coffee. The most common method is using water (or at least a water and a flavournoid solution) which can remove close to 99.9% of caffeine from coffee. This flavournoid solution made so that it is completely saturated with flavour (The caffeine is removed). When it is used to soak the green coffee, it only extracts the caffeine from it, retaining most of the original flavour quality. This process is mostly done by a couple of large companies around the world. It is a good way to produce a decaffeinated coffee . In fact, our main decaf coffee uses the Mountain Water process that is based in Mexico. This, because of the shear volume that is produced, ends up needing larger volumes of coffee which is hard to manage in higher qualities.

Sugarcane Decaf

Another way that is gaining more popularity and seems to maintain the quality of the coffee is what’s called a Sugar cane process. This is where a natural by-product of sugarcane and water is mixed together to form a solution, and the coffee is then soaked in this solution after being  steamed. The caffeine bonds with the solution leaving the rest of the compounds in the green coffee;  This process removes up to 97% of the caffeine whilst still maintaining the coffee’s quality and unique flavours. it close to 97% caffeine free) . There are synthetic versions of this process but the natural version creates the best result and is better for the coffee. This is not necessarily always better than other decaf processes, just in particular situations where the sugar cane product is available and at a reasonable price for the amount of coffee to be decaffeinated.

Through our Decaf Delights program, we will be offering decaffeinated coffee that explores the new and innovative ways coffee can be decaffeinated. We believe we can get different, and maybe even better experiences with these processes such as sugarcane decaffeination. We want to champion decaf coffee, make it an experience for people who are just after a great tasting coffee and reward those who already drink decaf and are devoid of choice. It’s for those who love their caffeine in the morning but want a super tasty coffee in the afternoon (a “goodnight flat white” or “night cap”, if you will…) 

Buenos aires sugarcane decaf coffee next to a breville coffee machine on a work top

Buenos Aires: Sugarcane Decaf

For the first coffee in our Decaf Delights program, we are happy to introduce a coffee that has been crafted with love and dedication from the hands of Jairo Arcila, a third-generation coffee grower from Quindio, Colombia. This coffee has undergone the sugarcane decaffeination process, using sugar cane and water to extract the caffeine, thereby enhancing its sweetness while maintaining its coffee attributes. The coffee is made from 100% Castillo variety, which is more productive and resistant to coffee leaf rust, and has been hand-picked and hand-sorted for quality. Furthermore, this coffee has expertly been taken through a natural process to further enhance the sweetness and fruitiness. Jairo, with the help of his sons who are now experts in specialty coffee, have improved the production of his coffee and now grows a variety of exotic varietals. Along with coffee, Jairo also grows other agricultural products and cherishes spending time with his family.

Coffee farmer Jairo Arcila stood next to his coffee tree crops

So come with us on a delightful new adventure and bring that big decaf energy!

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