An iced mocha in a chilled glass ticks all the boxes: Coffee? Yep. Chocolate? Yep. Ice cream? Yep! It’s the perfect grown-up treat for a hot day (and let’s be honest, any day really, no matter what the weather is like). It’s super easy to make an Instagram-worthy iced mocha at home, using your favourite brew and a few things you probably already have in the kitchen. All you need is a few tricks up your sleeve and you’ll have a drink to rival any café creation.

What is a mocha?

A mocha is essentially a latte with chocolate added, usually as a syrup or powder. It is thought to take its name from the coastal town of Mocha in Yemen, a dominant coffee exporter in the fifteenth century. The coffee traded had distinct chocolate-like flavour that is still a favourite today. An iced mocha is a variation of a mocha, simply made with an iced coffee instead of a latte.

What’s the secret to a really great iced mocha?

Like with most things, the key to making a truly delicious iced mocha is in the quality of your ingredients. While many recipes use instant coffee and chocolate syrup with “okay” results, to really up your iced mocha game, use the best quality cocoa powder and vanilla bean ice cream that you can buy in your budget. And of course, don’t forget fresh specialty coffee!

Can I use any type of milk in a mocha?

Absolutely – use your favorite type of milk to make this mocha iced coffee:

  • Full-fat cow’s milk

  • Lite or Skim milk

  • Soy milk

  • Almond milk

  • Macadamia milk

  • Oat milk (our favorite alternative milk)

Recipe for the Ultimate Iced Mocha

You will need:

  • Vanilla bean ice cream

  • A 40ml shot of double espresso, or a freshly extracted pod shot, or 40 ml of coffee concentrate

  • Chocolate powder

  • Your favorite type of milk

  • Hi-ball glasses


  • Measure out 2 tablespoons of chocolate powder and combine with 40ml of your choice of coffee.

  • Stir the mixture until most of the chocolate is dissolved and you have a slurry at the bottom of your glass.

  • Drizzle half the slurry around the inside of the glass. This gives your drink a nice decorative effect and helps distribute the flavor.

  • Add two generous scoops of vanilla bean ice cream to the slurry.

  • Pour in your favorite type of milk until the glass is three-quarters full.

  • Gently pour the rest of your chocolate coffee mix over the milk and ice cream.

  • For a decadent touch, gently dust the top of your drink with extra cocoa powder.

Keen to see it all come together via video, you can check out the tutorial here

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