In the heart of rural New South Wales, amidst the scenic towns of Gundagai, Tumbarumba, Coolamon and Junee, lies some not-so-hidden gems collectively known as The Coffee Pedaler. Owned and operated by Matt Lucas, The Coffee Pedaler isn't just another café; it's a testament to the transformative power of vision, collaboration and exceptional coffee.

The start of a delicious journey

Matt's journey with coffee began long before he envisioned himself as a café owner. Fondly recalling his visits to bustling coffee shops in Sydney, Matt was captivated not only by the aroma and flavour of the coffee but also by the culture surrounding it. Little did he know that his passion for coffee would lead him to become the proud owner of The Coffee Pedaler, serving communities far from the city lights.

"The level of coffee that we're offering, it's equal to cafes in the city and somewhat unexpected for people as they travel between the major capitals," says Matt Lucas, owner of The Coffee Pedaler.

The partnership with P&R

The Coffee Pedaler stands out not only for its picturesque location but also for the quality of coffee it offers. Matt's commitment to excellence is evident in every cup served at his café. What sets the Coffee Pedaler apart is its partnership with Pablo & Rusty's, a B Corp certified coffee roaster committed to sustainability and quality.

Matt's journey with Pablo & Rusty's began with a visit to their flagship café in Sydney. Inspired by the passion and dedication of the team, Matt knew he had found more than just a supplier; he found a collaborator who shared his values and commitment to excellence. Together, they've elevated the coffee experience in rural New South Wales, bringing the taste of specialty coffee to local communities.

Consistency is key

For Matt, consistency is key. From the selection of top-of-the-line machinery to the meticulous training of baristas, every aspect of the coffee-making process is carefully curated to ensure consistency in every cup. With Pablo & Rusty's, Matt found not only quality coffee but also unwavering support and expertise. The result? A coffee experience that delights locals and visitors alike.

At The Coffee Pedaler, every cup tells a story—a story of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. Through his partnership with Pablo & Rusty's, Matt Lucas has transformed local cafes into vibrant hubs of community and culture, one perfectly crafted cup at a time.

Join us in celebrating Matt and The Coffee Pedaler— a journey fueled by passion, commitment, and the shared love of exceptional coffee.

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