The dilemma

As a self-professed coffee snob, making awesome coffee at home or on the go has become a dedicated ritual, fueled by my passion for exceptional coffee. My go-to brewing method is an AeroPress and occasionally a V60. I weigh the coffee in and out (brewed liquid) and use a barista's kettle to nail the brewing temperature for the coffee. This is all well and good at home, with time and apparatus, but when I’m travelling, camping, hiking up a glacier, crewing a race, bushwalking, (insert your own adventure) or simply at home, time-poor and wanting to knock up a quick brew, it’s logistically difficult. 

Porter St Pourtables

The (on the go) solution

Stand aside complicated equipment and messy cleanup, Pablo & Rusty's brings you Pourtables. A convenient specialty coffee brewing solution that you can take anywhere.

Pourtables are single-serve, pre-measured sachets of P&R specialty coffee, ready to brew in a few minutes wherever you are, redefining convenience and portability. What makes Pourtables truly unique is the thoughtful preparation put into each sachet with 11g of specialty ground coffee carefully ground for filter brew. They are sealed with nitrogen and packaged to stay fresh for up to 18 months.

As I said, I’m a coffee snob and by the good fortune of working for a specialty coffee roaster, I always have access to great coffee. Which occasionally makes going out for coffee, ahem…difficult - ask my wife! I unfortunately have developed some very high standards and would rather not have a coffee at all than have an average brew. I’m sure you understand.

But I will say, since adding Pourtables to my quiver of brewing methods, all I need is a cup and a flask of hot water.

P&R Pourtables

Great coffee in the French Alps

Recently, I found myself navigating the landscapes of the French Alps, gearing up for a hike to a glacier. As I prepared for this adventure, my inner coffee snob wrestled with the dilemma of how to brew up a mountain. I knew that my trusty AeroPress was an impractical companion. I decided it was the perfect moment to put Pourtables to the test. With a flask of hot water and Pourtables sachets in my backpack, ready to go, the simplicity of the process became evident.

After walking for three hours, navigating a landslide and ascending 2000 metres, I was more than ready for a coffee break.

I found a picturesque spot overlooking the glacier and unwrapped the Pourtables sachet. With my mug in place, I tore open the sachet, expanded the handles over the cup and began pouring hot water from my flask.

As the aromatic coffee began to infuse the air, I couldn't help but appreciate the genius of Pourtables. Here I was, high up in the mountains, experiencing the epitome of portability – no complicated equipment, no meticulous measurements, just a cup, hot water, and a sachet of specialty coffee. The ease of use was a revelation, allowing me to indulge in the ritual of making exceptional coffee in the most remote of locations.

With each sip, I savoured the rich flavours of the Pourtables’ Porter St blend, full-bodied, dark chocolate brew I know so well. The juxtaposition of this gourmet experience against the rugged backdrop of the glacier made it a moment to remember.

P&R Porter St Pourtables

A perfect fit

As I stood there, mug in hand, surrounded by the grandeur of nature, I couldn't help but appreciate the ingenuity of Pourtables. It had effortlessly transformed a challenging brewing scenario into a delightful and flavourful experience. The adventure became more memorable, not just for reaching the glacier but for being rewarded with a delicious specialty coffee, proving that with Pourtables, the pursuit of a perfect cup knows no bounds.