We recently recertified under the B Corp program and are excited to score over 97 points. 

What does that have to do with delicious coffee? Read on as this article explores our journey and what’s ahead. 


We are obsessed with creating the most delicious coffee we can. This has led to our coffee being regarded and rated as some of the best in Australia.  Yet, we are also obsessed with doing the most good for the planet and its people. We want to be the best coffee company in and for the world. 

Many years ago, we all read Yvonne Chouinard’s book “Let My People Go Surfing”. This also introduced us to the B Corp movement. Finally, we found a certification that could keep us accountable to our mission and also allow us to improve with each passing year.

Since then, we have gone on to become the only Specialty Coffee Roaster in Australia to have all three certifications: B Corp, Carbon Neutral Organisation through Climate Active and 1% for the planet (you can click on each to learn more about the certifications).

However, B Corp is where it all started and holds a special place in our hearts.

The journey so far

Our first-ever certification gave us a score of 80.9. To become a certified B Corp, the minimum score is 80. An average company is estimated to have a score of 50 - 55. We barely made it. We were over the moon to be part of a small group of companies at the time in Australia that were B Corp. 

Our second certification was in 2020. We achieved a score of 89.8. We were excited about the progress that we had made over the three years (B Corps are recertified every three years). We also identified improvement areas and devised a plan for the next certification.

Our most recent certification gave us a score of 97.1. It’s hard to articulate the feeling of achievement our team feels every time we improve our B Corp score, contribute to the 1% for the Planet program or renew our Carbon Neutral Organisation certification. Like previous certifications, this time also highlighted areas where we can improve. This is a key part and benefit of the certification. The point is not just to celebrate the progress but also to continue to improve. Small consistent steps over time make a big impact.

The future

At our core is creating delicious coffee. We are obsessed with it. It’s going to be some of the tastiest coffee you will ever experience. We aim to do this every day. We are focused on every part of the process (sourcing, roasting, packing, shipping and brewing). We aim to serve and drink some of the best coffee we can. Because life is too short for bad coffee. This is our first love. This is what we are known for and this will never change.

Now to our second love: the planet. We want to do as much good as possible. Not because we are perfect but because we have a lot of things to improve. We want to play our part in creating a better future for our planet and our world. 

That is why our business model, every single product we sell, is directly linked to either reducing our footprint on the planet or making it a better place. 

The B Corp certification is an important part of this journey. We hope to have achieved 100 points in this certification. Because we are never satisfied and we won’t ever be satisfied. We have already identified areas where we can improve to again substantially increase our score for the next certification.

You can read the details of our B Corp score here.

We are also excited to see the B Corp community double and triple over the last few years since we became members. We hope to see more companies join this movement. Great companies aim to be great in all areas, not just a few.

To our wonderful customers

None of this would be possible without each one of you. Everyone who drinks a P&R coffee at a partner cafe, in their offices or at home. And every cafe that serves delicious P&R coffee. You are all part of this movement.

We hope you continue to share our delicious products and the impact they make with friends and family as well as your local cafe. Because, friends don’t let friends drink (or serve) bad coffee.

To wrap it up

B Corp was where it all started. There is no end to the B Corp process. That’s the beauty. It is a constant yardstick to measure our progress and identify areas of improvement. We look forward to our next recertification to see our progress and improve further.

PS: a special shout out to our B Corp project team of Servando, Mark, Chris and many others who helped. Ultimately, we cannot do this without every and each team member’s direct impact on our B Corp score.