We're thrilled to present our 2022 Impact Report. As an organisation, we've set ourselves ambitious sustainability goals, but what are goals without progress towards them? 

The aim of our Impact Report is to measure our progress towards these goals. It also gives our community insights into our activities and practices, the efforts we're making and the areas we still have work to do. Transparency around our coffee supply chain is really important to us, as is our desire for transparent business practices. This report is for our P&R community, our wonderful partners, our e-commerce customers, and importantly, our team, without whose hard work, passion and desire to create a positive impact none of what we do would be possible.

Creating this years report

We produced this report entirely in-house, from data point collection and collation to icon design, copywriting, and so on. The project team itself was made up of team members from across P&R, each bringing areas of expertise and knowledge from across the business. As part of the process and ideation stages, we reviewed a number of impact reports from organisations we love, fellow B Corps, 1% for the Planet member organisations and other brands that are leaders in their fields. We looked way beyond the coffee industry for inspiration. Doing this initial research allowed us to clearly define the type of report we wanted to produce. We wanted to deliver a report that we'd want to read ourselves. A report that was clear, concise and approachable. This forced us to set some clear project parameters and allowed us to clearly define the purpose of the report, who it was for (the audience) and just as importantly what we didn't want the report to be.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This year we’ve also included and referenced the UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). Including UN SDG’s within our Impact Report demonstrates our commitment to addressing global challenges such as poverty, inequality, and climate change. It also provides a common framework that multiple organisations use to report their impact in a standardised way, making it easier for our community to evaluate our progress.

UN SDG Goals

The report provides a detailed breakdown of the most important sustainability and impact metrics, such as our energy usage, our waste reduction initiatives, and donations to non-profit organisations. 

Group of coffee farmers showing their hands above coffee beans

Our Team

Alongside this, we also unpack insights about our team. Each year, we conduct two anonymous staff surveys measuring a number of key metrics from desired tenure at P&R to passions outside of work and many data points in between. These results are an invaluable part of our Impact Report, while also helping us understand our team's overall wellbeing. 

We're proud to say we have a diverse team from various backgrounds and cultures. However, the data doesn't lie, we still have some work to do.

Looking Ahead

Our impact story and journey is unending, and it's thanks to the ongoing support of our entire P&R team and our community that we can continue to source, roast, brew and serve delicious coffee while making a positive impact on people and the planet.

Check out the attached report by clicking the image below or head to our Impact Report page for more information.

P&R Impact Report 2022 Cover Image