Sustainability is a major focus for us as a company, we are proud to have received BCorp certification (click here to find out more). This is a significant milestone in our journey, as it highlights our mission to tackle both social and environmental problems and make a lasting impact in the coffee industry and beyond. We are honoured to have made the cut and join this movement of emerging companies trying to make a difference around the globe. We are also a multiple Better Business Partnership award winner and have also won the NSW Green Globe award for excellence in sustainability. We include both environment and social aspects under this banner and take into consideration our work at origin, at our factory and at our cafe’s.

Some examples at our factory include being 100% solar with a 30kWh smart system, moving every light globe to LED’s (including our hi-bays) and we bail and sell all our plastic and cardboard waste. We provide all our take away cups (including lids!) as 100% compostable and biodegradable and we were a key partner in developing the new Huskee cups, made from waste husk in the milling of coffee at farms and ultimately aiming to remove t/a cups from the system altogether. Our goal is to be better than 100% carbon neutral – we’re not there yet but we are on our way!