Our commitment to sustainable coffee


We’re now 1% FOR THE PLANET members!

1% for the Planet represents a global network of business, individuals and organisations tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues. As 1% for the Planet members we’re pledging to donate 1% of all our sales (not profits) to organisations focused on creating, enabling and making tangible positive impact on the environment. This means that a portion of every single sale on every single P&R product will go directly to helping make a difference. 

We’re proud and excited to be joining forces with thousands of other companies that have helped raise over $295 million together! This is not something we can do on our own, but banding together with other like-minded people and businesses, we know, can make an impactful difference.

You don’t have to look very far to see the impact climate change is having on our daily lives. The evidence is clear, from ocean levels rising to unprecedented droughts, catastrophic bushfires, the list goes on. We’re seeing dramatic effects in the coffee industry also, from crops failing due to changes in climatic conditions to pest and disease outbreaks.  The recent release of the IPCC report on climate change should be the wake up call we all need. 

But there is hope, we can all make a difference but we need to take action now as individuals and businesses alike. We have the power to reverse the path we’re on. We must act and be advocates for change. Becoming  1% for the Planet members is just one of our commitments to make a difference, but we can’t stop there and we will need your ongoing support!

You can check out our 1% for the Planet announcement video here

Our first Impact Report

2021 Impact Report PDF (CY2020)

We dive into more detail, offering insights into our team, its make-up and passions, our energy usage, our sustainability and waste initiatives and so on. But importantly, it’s thanks to your ongoing support we can share this with you and continue to strive to positively impact people and planet through coffee.

Sustainability is a major focus for us as a company, we are proud to have received BCorp certification (click here to find out more). This is a significant milestone in our journey, as it highlights our mission to tackle both social and environmental problems and make a lasting impact in the coffee industry and beyond. We are honoured to have made the cut and join this movement of emerging companies trying to make a difference around the globe. We are also a multiple Better Business Partnership award winner and have also won the NSW Green Globe award for excellence in sustainability. We include both environmental and social aspects under this banner and take into consideration our work at origin, at our factory and at our cafe’s.

Some examples at our factory include being 100% solar with a 30kWh smart system, moving every light globe to LED’s (including our hi-bays) and we bail and sell all our plastic and cardboard waste. We provide all our take away cups (including lids!) as 100% compostable and biodegradable and we were a key partner in developing the new Huskee cups, made from the waste husk in the milling of coffee at farms and ultimately aiming to remove t/a cups from the system altogether. Our goal is to be better than 100% carbon neutral – we’re not there yet but we are on our way!

It’s no secret that we live in a world that faces serious challenges if we are to control the climate and keep the world a liveable place that we can all enjoy. More and more, the coffee industry’s sustainability credentials are being examined, and Pablo & Rusty’s is proud to be at the forefront of this push towards more sustainable practices that are good for the planet; from our sourcing to the way we operate our roastery and innovations that mean both a better cup of coffee and a better world for us all. 

Since the very earliest days of Pablo & Rusty’s, making sustainable coffee has been part of the dream for a coffee company that cares. Our founder, Saxon Wright, has always seen this as part of the vision for Pablo & Rusty’s: “We are a community of people – customers, staff, suppliers, farmers and more. Our hope is that by combining our efforts, resources and intentions, we can work together to solve some of our biggest challenges. We have set ourselves some ambitious goals and will continually look to improve.”

What is BCorp Certification?

We are thrilled to be a Certified B Corporation, a testament to our continued efforts to make sustainable coffee and contribute good to society. So, what is BCorp Certification? Basically, this certification recognises businesses that are doing good for their workers, their customers, their suppliers, and society and the environment at large. 

The BCorp community includes 4000 corporations in over 70 countries, creating a network of businesses who care about the planet and believe we are stronger together. Above all, BCorp companies are committed to remaining transparent about their operations and environmental impact, and striving towards improving all aspects of their day to day operations to ensure we leave this world in a better state than we found it. Pablo & Rusty’s membership in this community represents a major step in our constant striving to make sustainable coffee that tastes as good as it is for our planet. 

How we contribute to the coffee industry’s sustainability

To understand what we’re doing to encourage coffee industry sustainability, Pablo & Rusty’s have published an Impact Report to examine our legacy so far, and what we can do in the future to truly embody our role as sustainable coffee roasters. 

Just some of our highlights from the past 8 years include getting our Fairtrade certification, moving our roastery’s power supply to 100% solar sources, shifting from single use cups and lids to biodegradable options, working with local communities to donate coffee husks to public gardens, sending grounds to compost and baling and compacting plastic and cardboard waste. We’ve also continued to reduce our waste by moving to recyclable packaging and delivery materials, and keep working towards our eventual goal of being totally carbon neutral. It’s all part of becoming the sustainable coffee roasters company we want to be. You might even say that’s why our specialty blends taste so good!

Want to know more about how Pablo & Rusty’s is caring for the environment? We’d love to chat about sustainable coffee with you! Get in touch with us via our online contact form or give us a call on (02) 9807 6293 to talk all things delicious coffee and sustainable practices.