Our Blends


Flavour Notes / Sweet, Smooth, Fruity

Trailblazer is our original house blend and brings together a small selection of exceptional in-season coffees. The blend is sweet and complex, with fruit forward focus, in particular notes of fresh red berries. It is the lightest profile of our three blends and serves as both an exceptional espresso and a medium bodied milk blend

The name internationally reflects the forward-thinking approach of our partner farms and the coffees they are producing. It uses higher altitude coffees and rewards those with a disciplined and controlled approach to brewing.



Flavour Notes / Velvety, Caramel, Spicy

This blend is defined by a sense of adventure and purpose. It finds a perfect balance between strength and flavour and uses only organic and Fair Trade beans. The mix of coffees in this blend is consistent thanks to strong long-term partnerships and incredible attention to detail at a farm level. Medium density coffees make this a flexible coffee that has a dynamic range.

The name and icon reflect a forward-thinking approach to sustainability and care for both the natural and social worlds.


Porter St

Flavour Notes / Bold, Malty, Dark Chocolate

A full bodied classic espresso blend that carries well through milk and familiar chocolate and maple syrup notes. It is rich and buttery and will appeal to a wide audience. Its easy-going approach on bar ensures a great coffee is always at hand and will suit a wide range of brewing parameters.

The name is a throwback to the location of our original roastery located on Porter St in the NSW suburb of Ryde. The icon echoes an urban landscape reflecting an approachable coffee that is familiar and ready to kick-start a busy day.