Our approach to coffee is simple - delicious, consistent and sustainable. We only buy traceable, specialty grade coffee that is sustainably farmed and tastes amazing. We offer 3 distinct blends designed for milk (although happen to taste great black too!) and focus on a long term consistent profile.

Our single origin range is significant with micro-lot, auction lot and single estate coffees. They are sold at market rates and constantly changing with harvest cycles. We roast specifically for either our filter or espresso based programs.


We have partnered with Victoria Arduino and their industry leading Black Eagle espresso machines and Mythos grinders. They have been selected again as the machine of choice for the World Barista Championships and represent the latest in reliable, eco-friendly and temperature stable coffee machines.

They offer a low profile for easy customer interaction and the smooth curves will feature on any bar. We also work with Puqpress, Ek43’s and on demand milk steaming systems.

Machine and grinder rental may be available to approved customers signing onto a coffee agreement. Full installation, preventative maintenance and emergency support is available to all P&R customers.


Education is essential to making great coffee. We have developed a proprietary training system that gives our clients the absolute best opportunity to ensure staff are engaged, equipped and empowered to produce exceptional coffee, all the time. We provide a level of understanding they are unlikely to find elsewhere and follow a tiered progression to ensure they meet appropriate standards.

We equip baristas to understand how to get the best out of their coffee and equipment, and why. We follow a scientific approach because with in-depth understanding they can make the most sound judgements and we also teach sensory and palate development as part of their craft. Education is key to unlocking the potential in coffee and we offer a robust learning platform to ensure this potential is reached.


We provide industry leading support to all our cafe partners. We have run over 10 of our own cafe’s and have used these to develop our own systems and tools that can benefit our partners.

We support all our customers from both a business and coffee perspective, because we know running a cafe is more than just good coffee. Our team provides direction and input on cafe layout and design, social media and marketing, digital systems and payment technology, loyalty programs, retention and many other aspects of the cafe ecosystem.

Above all, we want to see our customers grow and become successful businesses and we have geared ourselves to be able to offer that support.


The world is changing and especially so in the coffee industry. Our objective is to design, develop and discover the tools and techniques that will shape our industry. We prepare our customers for the future of coffee so they are neither caught off guard or left behind, but rather equipped to tackle the challenges and changes in our industry head on.

We have developed many of our own digital tools in-house, have advanced brewing systems and dabble in the latest technology. If you are looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in coffee, then you have found the right partner.

WholesaleNitro Coffee

Nitro coffee is a new way to experience coffee. It is brewed weekly at our coffee factory on one of our single origin coffees using our unique system and recipe. We deliver in either 10 or 20kg kegs as a ready to serve option. You can opt for a full under-bench solution alongside sparkling water, or stand alone in kegorators. This silky smooth and delicious way to experience coffee is perfect for the warmer months as a fast and convenient cold brew option, served on tap and a point of difference for any cafe.


Our objective is to change the world for the better. We believe doing business is an opportunity to create a positive impact for our planet and the people that depend on it. Working with us means you become part of that journey and gives confidence that you are doing something better for the world.

We are a certified B Corporation, ensuring we meet strict environmental and social standards, are transparent and are responsible for our actions. We run our factory on solar, recycle all our waste and all our t/a cups are compostable. However we go further and work with farms on their sustainability and waste management, carbon offset investing in tree planting in fragile ecosystems in Western Australia and invest in new initiatives such as HuskeeCup to drastically reduce the demand on take away cups. Partnering with us means partnering with humanity.

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