We source coffees from farms that are committed to quality and sustainability and we choose coffees that are unique and have a distinct profile. We have our own specific standards that we look for in both the coffee and farm management - including fair wages and working conditions, ecological care and community development. We also look for factors that affect quality and consistency over the long term. As we partner with farms our relationships are a constant source of inspiration for us and fundamental to our story.


We are merely stewards, trying to preserve the natural elements of these carefully harvested seeds.

We have chosen Probat, Giesen and Joper roasters to allow control and execution, and a further array of instruments behind them, recording vital data and statistics about every roast. We check, measure, record and analyse each tiny detail. Keeping a sample of every roast and continually tasting.

Still deeply dependent on our senses in all stages of the process, we are rigorously scientific and utilise the latest software, equipment and technology.


Sustainability is a major focus for us as a company, we are proud to have received BCorp certification. This is a significant milestone in our journey, as it highlights our mission to help solve both social and environmental problems to make a lasting impact in the coffee industry. We are honoured to have made the cut and join this movement of emerging companies trying to make a difference around the globe. We are also a multiple Better Business Partnership award winner and have also won the NSW Green Globe award for excellence in sustainability. We include both environment and social aspects under this banner and take into consideration our work at origin, at our factory and at our cafe’s.

Some examples at our factory include being 100% solar with a 30kWh smart system, moving every light globe to LED’s (including our hi-bays) and we bail and sell all our plastic and cardboard waste. We provide all our take away cups (including lids!) as 100% compostable and biodegradable and we also encourage people to use reusable cups where possible which is why we have partnered with Frank Green smart cups as the best reusable cups out there. Our goal is to be 100% carbon neutral - we’re not there yet but we are on our way!


Good coffee needs deliberate and considered research with an applied understanding of biology, chemistry and physics. We use technically sophisticated equipment to investigate and provide a framework for consistency. Our lab and QA system study 3 main areas: growing and processing, all roasting elements and extraction. Our current research is in the area of water, and how this relates to brewing outcomes.

Whilst artisan roasting is a romantic notion, for us it is just the starting point for inspiration. We build on our experience and are continually learning and enhancing our process. The end goal: To maximise the potential of the bean by capturing the essence of origin and delivering unique and delicious flavours.


Pablo & Rusty’s started as a gift sent by Saxon to his two brothers-in-law for their birthday, which grew to become today’s P&R after opening several cafe’s and then roastery in their name.

Saxon’s background in chemistry lead to a scientific view of coffee and how to continually improve it. He became Head Judge of the Australian Barista Championships and has also judged at the World Barista Championships each year from 2009. He’s certified with the SCAA as an Instructor and Examiner. Now as CEO, he oversees a significant team of coffee professionals in constant pursuit of improving both coffee as a product and the industry we are part of.


Passionate about coffee, our team encompasses a range of skills and diversities with a passion for customers and excellence.

We range from artists, musicians, roasters, head chef’s, ultra runners, coffee nerds and fixie cyclists. We’re the kind of people who go camping on a long weekend, or show up at the roastery for an Aeropress smackdown with our accounts department. P&R is built up of a diverse range of passionate people. We sponsor local trail runs, which have become a valued part of our team culture. To find out more about the races, see sydneytrailseries.com.au