Volcan AzulCosta Rica

Volcan Azul is in a class of its own. Five generations of quality focused and conservationist minded coffee producers have created the unique experience that we get through this coffee today. All facets of harvesting and processing happen in a meticulous way that allows them to have a high degree of control over quality and consistency. All coffee cherries are picked when they are at an ideal ripeness of between 22% and 28% brix (sugar content). Not only is the quality of coffee a focus but also the conservation of the surrounding lands. They have acquired 1,500 acres of rainforest and dedicated it for preservation which helps in promoting biodiversity and reducing the effects of climate change.

Volcan Azul Map


  • Region / West Valley
  • Process / Natural
  • Varietal / Cattura
  • Altitude / 1500-1700
  • Roast Profile / Espresso
  • Notes / Blackberry, Golden Syrup, Orange Marmalade
Aeropress Brewing Method

Brewing Guide

For Aeropress:

16g Coffee

240g water
40g water pre-wet/bloom (30secs)
Add remaining 200g water
1min 30secs brew
30secs plunge
Finish at 2mins