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Trailblazer is our original house blend and brings together a small selection of exceptional in-season coffees. The blend is sweet and complex, with a fruit forward focus, in particular notes of fresh red berries. It is the lightest profile of our 3 blends and serves as both an exceptional espresso and a medium bodied milk blend. The name intentionally reflects the forward thinking approach of our partner farms and the coffees they are producing. It uses higher altitude coffees and rewards those with a disciplined and controlled approach to brewing.


Trailblazer details


  • Region / Sidamo, Maua, San Fermin
  • Process / Washed
  • Varietal / Catuai | Heirloom | SL28/34
  • Altitude / 1600-1800m
  • Notes / In milk – Maple syrup, milk chocolate, fresh strawberries
  • Roast Profile / Espresso
  • Notes / Sweet, Smooth, Fruity
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Brewing Guide

We brew 21g in on a 20gVST basket. 43-45g out in around 26-28secs. Extraction at 94degC. Served with milk in a 5-6ounce cup.