Tade GGEthiopia

Tade GG is a private farm owned by Tesfaye Bekele. Not only is it rare to know who the farmer of an Ethopian coffee is, it’s extremely rare to get a coffee processed as a “Honey” from Ethiopia. Because of Tesafeyes capacity to process and export his own coffee, he has more flexibility to experiment and produce coffees that really get us excited. A champion of innovation, Tesafeye travelled through the Americas to investigate different processing techniques. We firmly believe that coffees from this farm will continue to exceed our expectations. Along with traceability and innovation, this area is blessed with rich volcanic soil, high altitude and dry weather allowing slow maturation of these coffee cherries



  • Region / Oromia, Guji, Shakisso
  • Process / Honey
  • Varietal / Mixed Heirloom
  • Altitude / 1860-1950 masl
  • Roast Profile / Filter and Espresso
  • Notes / Honeydew, Bergamot, Orange blossom

Brewing Guide

For espresso 20g basket

21g in

44-46g out
28-30s extraction