PioneerSumatra | Honduras | Colombia

This blend is defined by a sense of adventure and purpose. It finds a perfect balance between strength and flavour and uses only organic and Fair Trade beans. The mix of coffees in this blend is consistent thanks to strong long-term partnerships and incredible attention to detail at farm level.  Medium density coffees makes this a flexible coffee that has a dynamic range. 

The name and icon reflect a forward thinking approach to sustainability and care for both the natural and social worlds.


Pioneer 1KG packaging


  • Region / Aceh | Santa Rosa de Copan | Cesar Province
  • Process / Wet hulled & washed
  • Varietal / Typica & Caturra
  • Altitude / 1400-1600m
  • Roast Profile / Espresso
  • Notes / Velvety, Caramel, Spicy
Latte Art
Espresso Pour

Brewing Guide

Try 21g in, on a 20g VST basket. 44g out in 29-30secs. Extraction at 95degC. Serve in a 6oz cup.