Los PotrerillosNicaragua

This coffee comes from the original producing area within Nicaragua. With over 800 pickers working daily on the farm ensuring only the ripest and sweetest cherries are picked and allow for the best quality coffee possible. It has been projected by Nicaraguan climate institutions that this will be the most suitable growing region within the country by 2050. From the quality we see now the thought of this improving even further is an exciting one. The variety of this coffee is Pacamara, a hybrid of 2 other varieties - Pacas (El salvadorian discovery) and Maraogipe (very large in size) creating the unique size and the delicious profile we know and love.


  • Region / Jinotega
  • Process / Washed
  • Varietal / Pacamara
  • Altitude / 1050 - 1250+ masl
  • Roast Profile / Filter
  • Notes / Lime, Honeydew, Toffee

Brewing Guide

Aeropress Ratio 16g Coffee 240g water

40g water pre-wet/bloom (30secs)
Add remaining 200g water
1min 30secs brew
30secs plunge
Finish at 2mins